Smartphone room key

Use your smartphone as a key!

Now you can check in and go to your room without passing through the reception, although we of course like to say hello and welcome you to Tott in person. Follow the instructions below and use your smartphone to check in and unlock the door to the room. Welcome!
  • Download the app to your smartphone, available for both Apple and Android.
  • Register the app with the same email address that you stated in your reservation.
  • Do you want multiple keys in the family, add their e-mail addresses at the time of booking or to the front desk when you are at the hotel.
  • Your mobile key shows up in the app when the room is cleaned and ready for check in. You do not need to go through the reception and check in if you do not want to, but you are welcome to come by and say hello anyway.
  • The door is opened by placing the phone against the lock with the app running.

24 hours before arrival, you can click on the "Check-in is open"

Then click on: "Start Check-in"

You will receive a notice when the room is ready.

The app is open and should be held against the lock.